We believe that investment is all about journey and growth together therefore we work with investors who are looking to not only make an investment but build a long term relationship and support each other throughout the process.

A path to success

We have a clear vision for success, strategy to achieve objectives and a highly scalable business model with great track of records of achieving success. The founders of the TX Group are backed up by a strong management team and a full team of professionals to maximise return of investment.

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Shared Values

We are always open for new opportunities and investments. When looking for an investor we always look for someone who would share our company’s values and add their own value to us by bringing expertise and skills to help us overcome barriers and maximise our growth.

We are proud to say that we secured our place in the independent therapy market as leaders therefore we only work with professionals and experts in their disciplines.

£0 debt
2006 year established in
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Our Brands

We have developed a number of leading brands, including:


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