Beast Prosthetics provide patients with immediate access to the leading prosthetic solutions and limb technology.

About Beast Prosthetics

Beast Prosthetics work with adults and children who want the best possible service and results as well as immediate access to the best prosthetic solutions. Beast Prosthetics provide access to orthotic solutions that are not available on the NHS and they only work with private patients.

Beast Prosthetics goals are to provide a quick, efficient and bespoke services to patients as well as ensure each patient gets the best possible prosthetic solution. The aim is to ensure that all their products are comfortable, maximise their performance and meet their needs.

The highly trained multidisciplinary team of Beast Prosthetics are patient centred and work together to provide patients with the best possible outcomes.

Beast Prosthetics is not tied up to any particular manufacturer and they offer whole of market prosthetic solutions therefore patients can expect the best solutions to meet their needs.

I want to provide the best possible prosthetics solutions to my patients in order to maximise their potentia. Florence Goodwin


Beast Prosthetics vision is to exceed people’s expectations by providing prosthetic solutions that maximise their potential.

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Beast Prosthetics provide people with immediate access to the leading prosthetic solutions and limb technology.

Beast Prosthetics can utilise all manufacturers to provide the best possible prosthetic.

Beast Prosthetics work with case managers and solicitors.

Beast Prosthetics provide a multidisciplinary service.

Beast Prosthetics provide a reliable service.

Beast Prosthetics provide finance packages to give people immediate access to the best prosthetic for them.

Beast Prosthetics provide services for children.

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