SLT UK are a team of experts in multiple areas of speech and language therapy that provide services for adults throughout the UK with speech, voice, language, communication, and swallowing needs.

About SLT UK

SLT UK have a team of expert that provide multiple highly specialist services around the UK. The specialist speech and language therapists at SLT UK provide a range of services to help individuals with speech, language, communication, eating, drinking, swallowing and voice difficulties.

SLT UK take a holistic approach to treatment and consider each patient as a whole rather than just focusing on their specific speech and language, dysphagia, or voice needs.

SLT UK work with individuals, care homes, case managers, health professionals, solicitors, public sectors and private hospitals.

My goal is to work with the team of experts who can provide an excellent standard of service. Lead SLT UK Therapist - Ali Shepherd


SLT UK vision is to maximise their patients quality of lives by considering their individual needs, goals and aspirations.

To make a real positive impact on the life of every patient and carer SLT UK work with.

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Brand Facts

SLT UK provide services for adults throughout the UK.

SLT UK put patients at the centre of everything they do.

SLT UK strive to exceed the expectations of everyone they work with.

SLT UK are a team of experts in speech and language therapy, voice and swallowing needs.

SLT UK consider everyone’s individual needs, goals and aspirations.

SLT UK therapy is evidence based.

SLT UK make a positive impact on the lives of everybody they work with.

SLT UK is accessible to people of all abilities.

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